The 21st Century load tester & charger

The unique diagnostic load tester & constant current charger with automatic desulfating action saves valuable time in professional service workshops and prolongs battery life.

Also unique is the special MF program, essential for the correct and vital first “commissioning” charge of motorcycle type dry-charged maintenance-free batteries. The program terminates the important constant current “bulk charge” at the correct voltage appropriate for any one of the various types of MF batteries now available according to their particular impedance characteristic. Incorrect commissioning charging of motorcycle AGM  type MF batteries is the single biggest cause of premature battery failure.  

For all 12V lead-acid starter batteries of 2,5 Amp-hours capacity or greater, as used in motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and garden tractors.  

Recommended by most motorcycle O.E.’s.

Pic: BatteryMate on Wall Bracket

    Load Tester Features

  1. Six load test settings from 15A to 150A, suitable for all starter batteries from 2,5Ah to 45Ah.
  2. Select a 3 second test for an initial evaluation or 15 seconds for a more onerous test. The 15 second test auto-selects for re-testing charged batteries.
  3. Read the required min. recharge time on the LED-voltmeter and observe the battery voltage trend dynamically during the load to determine underlying battery health.
  4. A thermal sensor compensates for varying ambient temperature effects.
  5. The tester is automatically protected against overheating by temporary disablement triggered by a thermal auto-resetting fuse.
  6. A separate LED indicates when the battery is too weak to test and needs recharging first.  
    Automatic charger features

  1. Six charging Amps settings, from 1 A to 9 A constant current, for correct and most time-effective charging for batteries from 2,5 Amp-hours and greater.
  2. Special pushbutton selected MF program for both dry-charged AGM types requiring dealer commissioning, and factory- filled “wet” sealed AGM types.
  3. The program for conventional & lead-calcium batteries with filler caps is selected automatically by default for added safety.
  4. 3-step charging : a constant current ‘bulk charge’ rapidly charges the battery up to cranking capability, a constant voltage ‘absorption’ stage completes the charge, and a float charge mode then tops up & maintains the charge.
  5. The charging voltage settings are adjusted automatically for ambient temperature fluctuations.
  6. The charge time indicated by the load test result is set on a timer, up to 6 hours. For MF batteries, the bulk charge time is limited in relation to the independently monitored rising battery voltage trend to allow safer charging of the various different types of MF motorcycle batteries.
  7. Sulphated batteries are automatically identified & a special program initiated using higher voltage to try to bring the battery back to rechargeable status.
  8. Three groups of LEDs indicate the charging Amps, the elapsed charge time & the charging program progress until disconnection or switch-off. 


The operation is simple, but highly effective. 
After correctly connecting a battery measuring 1V or more:

SELECT – Batteries have been arranged into six groups with matching test and charge currents as recommended by major battery manufacturers and power-sports vehicle manufacturers. Select the group that matches the battery specifications by either finding the battery model number or by determining the amp-hour (Ah) rating of the battery.

TEST – Start the load test, either 3 seconds or select 15 seconds for a more onerous test (which auto-selects for charged batteries).
(Skip this step if charging a new battery and select NEW with the charging time selector.)

CHARGE – Select charging time as indicated on the test LED panel and start the charge cycle.
(The default charging parameters are recommended for all 12V lead acid batteries, but you can additionally select ‘MF’ charging parameters for fully sealed, absorbed acid, batteries (YTX, YTZ, CTX, etc.).)

RE-TEST – Start the load test following the conclusion of the charge cycle. (For a more effective result, the 15-second load test auto-selects after charging.)

An OK result indicates the battery can deliver its rated power.
Any other result indicate the battery is worn or damaged and should be replaced.

Intelligent electronic protection:
The BatteryMate will not operate, or will immediately stop operating, if the clamps are connected together (short circuited without being connected to a battery) or connected to a battery in reverse polarity. Reverse polarity connection is clearly indicated.  

Comprehensive fuse protection:
Internal output and control circuit fuses and accessible mains input fuses protect against product misuse or malfunction.

International mains supply input:  
Multi-input voltage range (100 / 115/ 230V) allows use in most parts of the world.

International warranty and after sales service:
2-year limited warranty. Service centres in Europe , Canada & USA .